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This page is devoted to passing some of our extensive knowledge on to you!

Animation Art

Our own helpful articles about animation art, how we pack, etc.:

Artists In Our Inventory

There are a number of artists that we sell regularly. Generally, this means that we've acquired a large body of their work and are proud to share their amazing artwork with the world. Part of being stewards of their art is sharing information about them:

External Animation Links

Helpful articles, etc. created by others:


This is a bit tricky, but we're very tired of seeing so many fakes for sale on ebay and elsewhere. There is literally no place to turn for information that will assist with this. So we've started a list. Click on the link below to see our list of questionable sellers. We've tried to be generous, as some folks may be unaware they are selling fakes. To add a seller to this page, please contact us (link at the top of the page). Please include concrete information about why they should be added to the list.


To balance out the list above, we've also created a page of completely trusted sellers. These are folks we've purchased from and folks who generally have been selling for years. They are knowledgeable in their field AND we've seen them clearly describe items that are NOT real when they sell them.


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