Original Art for Sale

Jury the clown  

Jury The Clown

Jury The Clown creates wonderful works of art by defacing US dollars - click here to see more Love Over Money!

Bob Smith  

Robert (Bob) Smith

Robert has artwork in major galleries around the world including the Smithsonian and the Met.

Other Artists In Our Inventory

There are a number of artists that we sell regularly. Generally, this means that we've acquired a large body of their work and are proud to share their amazing artwork with the world. Part of being stewards of their art is sharing information about them:

We've been buying and selling antiques and other items, in particular art on paper and animation art for over 25+ years. You can find us on ebay, Etsy and Pinterest.




Jaysen Batchelor  

Jaysen Batchelor

Jaysen works in many mediums - but in all of them he has a fresh style that brings each image to life!

Sharon Jensen  

Sharon Jensen

Sharon Jensen is a regular at both the New Mexico Masterworks and PSNM National shows.